Monday, October 13, 2014

To Selene - Part VI

Back again just for you :). Birthday celebrations are never complete until I wish you here.

Lot's of things happened in last one year and at the same time very few things changed. One major thing that has not changed is we still living in different cities. Let me promise you this - before your next birthday we will be living in the same city.

This time I will not talk about the year gone by but about the year that is to come. And my gut says that this year will be more about happy things than sad things, more about the road ahead and not the road left behind. Gaadi service centre mein padi thi - time to take it out for a wonderful road-trip :)

This year is about doing things and I have a comprehensive list for you -Eat well, exercise, cook new recipes, laugh a lot more, be less unsure in crowded places, plan for the future, dream more about a dream house, go on vacations (with me of course), see the beach and the mountain in the same year, read more than what you did last year, buy books, make me buy you more nice-smelling things, watch atleast 3-4 plays, help and counsel your loved ones, watch more movies, write a lot more, invest money, learn to drive, start baking, try 30 new restaurants. fight less with me :P :P, catch-up with friends a lot more often, host a lot more parties, get your eyesight tested, go for a walk daily, listen to music , sing and dance more.

And don't get hassled with this list. I know you will do it because I will be right there beside you. 

A song for my Pataakha Guddi to re-start a journey called life

Ude, khule aasaman mein khwabon ke parindey
Ude, dil ke jahaan main khaabon ke parinday
Oho, kya pata, jaayenge kahaan
Khule hain jo pal, kahe yeh nazar
Lagta hai ab hai jaage hum
Fiqrein jo thi, peechhe reh gayi
Nikle unse aage hum
Hawa mein beh rahi hai zindagi
Yeh hum se keh rahi hai zindagi
Oho, ab toh, jo bhi ho so ho

Have a beautiful day and year ahead my Toopalstar :)

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