Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The rains are back for good

I am updating my blog after such a long time that right now, I feel I have forgotten the basic art of writing. Thanks to Selene, the blog is still alive warna abhi tak blog ka tata-byebye ho jaata. So what have I been up to?

Well, I have started my job-hunt again. I hope, this time is a serious effort. For a change, I have been busy with work too. Last one month has been a busy one after ages. I am also back to my reading habits. I have found a new obsession called twitter. Addictive is a word for it. One of the reasons for the obsession is my laziness to write long posts. Writing 140 words ten times over comes to me more easily than 1400 words at one go.

I have also met a lot of new people in last couple of months. Random meeting with strangers, chit-chat with people whom I don't know in real world, people coming out of online world to be a part of my real world, making friends with people in social gatherings, all of these have been happening. And I am loving every moment of it. It gives me a feeling that I have missed so much in life. I am living it as if there's no tomorrow.

Now coming to the best thing that happened in last one month. A vacation.

So, this vacation was planned a couple of months back. I am one of those people who believes in im-promptu plans. And I do so because most of the plans I have made have never happened. So when Selene made the plan I was always apprehensive that something or the other will happen and we won't be able to make the trip. But thanks to her, we got the train as well as the hotel reservations on time (given that there was a rush due to Janamashtmi and Independence Day).

We partied all night before the trip. From beer to whisky to vodka to babushka shots ( I am notorioulsy famous for that, so beware) to dancing , everything happened that night. Selene's friend from Mumbai had come over and we said good-bye by getting her all drunk :).

The next day Selene, Dimples and me started the journey with beer at noon before getting in the cab. The moment we got in the train, the only thing in our mind was - how to mix the vodka in Mirinda. We were so desperate that I put the vodka bottle in a hand-bag ( a ladies hand-bag) and nearly carried it to the toilet. But sensibility prevailed warna aap kripya scene imagine karein - Ek jawaan ladka with mysterious look on his face going to the toilet with a hand-bag, a ladies hand-bag. Our star, Selene, took the initiative and we could finally manage to drink the sacred drink. We reached the place at 5 in the morning and this is what happened in the next two and half days
- We had to wait for 5 hours before we got our room. And Selene already in her elements, never let us feel bored for a moment.
- The room was beautiful with an amazing view. It was raining all the time.
- Once in the room, yours truly got into action with dhin-chak music playing and the "botal-kholing-daaru-pouring" ritual.
- Setting was done with the cook for un-interrupted supply of food even though the kitchen was closed.
- A 12 hour-daaru session with chit-chat, games and more chit-chat.
- Truth or dare playing, where initially I took the centre-stage with the right questions
- A realization during the game to not underestimate and take punga with the married of the species .( Both the ladies came up with such question, that I had to duck for cover)
- A trip to the waterfall, the next day. What an amazing experience it is to stand right in the middle of waterfall.
- More of daaru-session, followed by naach and stage performances which I shouldn't be elaborating here. Kindly ask Selene for the details because humein toh "shy has come".
- Serious discussions ranging from relationships to faith and religion to Dimples coming up with amazing one-liners without being aware of it to naam-karan of my daughter as "Tippani". Yes, dear readers , my hone-waali daughter has officially been named "Tippani" because I always have a "Tippani" on every subject.
- Another long chit-chat session at the front porch of the hotel the next day as our train was at eight in the evening and we got kicked-out of our room at noon. It was like our second home as we had spent 11 hours of the vacation there.
- The return journey included aloo-parantha in the train, irritatingly noisy fellow-passengers and memories of an amazing vacation.

In one of the posts last year, I had written " I hate the rains". Ladies and ledas let me officially announce that the rains are back. I love them like I have always loved them. The place for the vacation was decided on the fact that we would go only where there's non-stop rains. And we were not disappointed. Beautiful place, awesome company of two hot friends , infinite fun and unforgettable memories is how I will describe the vacation. I will leave you with some pictures of our vacation.