Sunday, October 19, 2008

27 Down, A Lot More to Go

So tomorrow I celebrate my birthday. And by celebrate I mean drink, drink and then drink some more. I wanted to throw a big-big party. The idea was to throw a party to all my friends and friend-of-friends here in Delhi for one last time. More about the party later in the post. First let me list the things that have happened in my life in last one year.

- Touched international waters for the first time. I went to San Jose, CA for a month on an official trip. The trip was okay. The OOOH ESS of AYE didn't entice me much. After a month's time I was even more convinced that I wanted to spend rest of my life in India. The only good thing that happened there was cars with automatic transmission and driving at 100 mph.

- Nearly got married. Yes nearly. I was getting married to White, my school-time crush and the only girl I have ever loved. And just one month before the marriage we parted ways. Well, she is married and I am still getting over her. Can't imagine a birthday without her. This birthday would have been the first we would have celebrated not over the phone but with her being right beside me.

- The break-up was followed by six months of alcohol, lots and lots of cigarettes and depression. I must have spent more than a lakh on alcohol and cigarettes. I may not have become an alcoholic but I did come close. But yes, the best part is I don't remember the first six months of 2008.

- During this period I saw six people,who were very close to me, break-up with their loved ones. So now I call 2008 as the year of break-ups.

- Last thing to happen being a 26 year old was the quarter-life crisis (see last post). I wanted to get out of the coding job. Gave my GMAT, screwed it up, thought of packing my bags and going to Australia for MBA and start a new life. I was never a fan of MBA, but making a career shift required me to get that degree. Then I realised what I really wanted to do. I wanted to make a career in Internet-media. The latest on it is that I have nearly got a job, and it comes close to the kind of job I wanted. I haven't yet got an offer letter and so I wait. And seeing my luck in 2008 I fear that something will go wrong. Its been a month and the job thing is not yet confirmed. So all I can do is wait. I had wanted to resign on my birthday but seems I will have to wait a little longer. And the new jobthing is the reason I wanted to throw a huge party to all the people I know in Delhi for one last time. Well, the going-away party will have to wait.

- Some good things that happened in the past one year are
  • I have started cooking and am loving it
  • I have started blogging
  • I have gained weight
  • And finally, I have discovered some new friends (a post on it later)
I have a gut feeling that this birthday will change a lot of things in my life. Cheers to that and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME.