Sunday, October 13, 2013

To Selene - Part V

Dear Selene,

We are back J. And the only reason this blog exists is because of you. This place is a symbol of our beautiful journey together. And what better way to wish you on your birthday than to do it here. So,


And by the time you read this, you would realize that we called your birthday at a place which is as special as this blog :)

If last year was about we coping with the fact of living in different cities, this year was all about finding our feet in the new environment. And if I look back at the last 12 months, other than one or two odd incidents, we did have fun. How can I forget seeing you in a hangover for the first time – you were like the confused puppy on its first Diwali with crackers all around. Or our competition on Candy-crush - you know that I am letting you win, right? :D

The only regret I have about the past year is we not going on any holiday together – and I am completely to be blamed. I am sorry. There has to be a penalty for it. And the redemption is two holidays this year – Goa and a foreign trip. And this time its signed in blood. Your driver is ready ;)

I never get to say this often but I really want to tell you the difference you bring to my life. I gave up everything to find my calling and I struggled for the most part of it. It was only because of  your belief in me (and it’s a big thing because no one can beat me on self-belief) that I am finally getting there. Every time I struggled I heard your voice saying “Go get them”. Keep that voice going and I will keep my two promises for this year J

So, what do we do this year. I think I have the complete action plan. We go on two holidays, we make this the "health year" where the complete focus is getting healthy lifestyle so that I can write a Selene – Part 50, you learning to drive and after that picking me up from the airport #LikeADriver

And like I had said earlier if last year was coping up with the situations around us, this year will be about rising above all the situations and getting back on the feet. It's time to re-discover ourselves

Every year I give a song for us, but this year is about you and my belief in you

Hai Dil Mei Roshni Tere
Tu Cheer Daal Sab Ghere
Lehron Ki Gardan Kas Ke
Daal Phande Re

Ki Dariyan Bole waaha Re Panthi
Saar Ankhon Pe Naav Hai Teri Naav Hai Teri

And I believe you will get your boat across because

I get knocked, down but I get up again
You're never gonna keep me down
I get knocked, down but I get up again
You're never gonna keep me down