Sunday, January 23, 2011

2011 : Koi Roko Naa ....

I am definitely late for a birthday post or a year ending post or even a year-beginning post, but yet here I am with a "better late than never" post.

One of the main reasons for such a delay is my job which has been really keeping me busy. Oh!!! Did I tell you I have shifted jobs? :) Yes, now I can be put in the one-that-changes-jobs-every-year club. But, this job is really interesting, just the kind I had been itching to lay my hands on. It's a successful start-up in the internet industry. And for a change from my previous job, majority of my colleagues here believe more in working and not indulging in politics. BTW, the firm is into fashion and luxury items, which means that now, I know what pumps, hobo bags, ivy-caps or faux-fur outerwear are :P.

So, coming back to 2010, there were three major things that happened.
Firstly, I managed to dodge the marriage bullet. There were many proposals and some close shaves. I am sure this year will be the toughest of all. But I am equally convinced this year that marriage is not my cup of tea and also that I don't like this particular "tea". I want to concentrate on my career, do a lot of travelling and many more interesting things on my own.

Second important thing was my job shift. And finally after ages I am actually working more than eight hours a day. I am working on weekends and that too by choice. I am enjoying every moment of it.

And the third and the most important thing is that I am no more a virgin when it comes to Goa. Yes, I finally got to to see Goa, thanks to Selene. There were innumerable occasions in my life when I was very close to doing a Goa-trip and every time something or the other happened. And I was tired of hearing Goa stories. And it was Selene who always said that Goa is one place so made for me. And after one and half years of planning, we finally did Goa. And what a place that is. I like the water a lot, I like beer a lot and I like lazying around a lot. And all of it happened in Goa. There was beer, the sea, more beer, the beaches and yes more beer. We sat for hours sipping beer, devouring sea-food, watching the waves and not uttering a word. We did party a lot in the night and lost money in the casino , but my favorite moments were the quiet ones, sitting on the beach and watching the waves rise with grandeur and collapse in front our feet in total submission. Majestic!!
And I have promised myself that I have to do a Goa trip every year. Sher ke mooh mein khoon lag gaya finally ;)

2010 was a good year for me. I bought my dream car, partied like animals and traveled to a few places . And yes, I shifted to a new house which i intend to make a perfect bachelor's pad. So what what plans for 2011, you ask?

Well, no big plans but some things that I want to do are
  • Work harder and build a name in the industry
  • Concentrate on my health a little more. I haven't played a sport in ages and that's so not me. 2010 will be the only year in my life where I didn't play at all. But I don't want it to happen anymore.
  • Travel to Ladakh. Again, you can blame Selene for that because she says you can travel to whatever part of the world, but if you haven't seen Ladakh, you haven't seen anything. So, hopefully in July will make a plan.
  • Also, want to save some money and do a trip to a firang country. The idea is to see at least one country every year.
  • There's a strong urge building up inside me . And that is to go the start-up way again. I don't think it's going to happen in the near future, but the itch is growing every day, so you never know :)
  • And finally, dodge the marriage bullet again :)
The anthem for 2011 is

Koi Roko Na Deewane Ko

Mann Machal Raha Kuch Gaane Ko

Koi Roko Na Deewane Ko

Mann Machal Raha Kuch Gaane Ko

Koi Roko Na ..

... because

ik raasta hai zindagi

jo tham gaye to kuch nahi
ye qadam kisi muqaam pe

jo tham gaye to kuch nahi

Experience Life !!!