Thursday, April 15, 2010

The grass ain't so green on the other side

Rant alert !!!!!!

Well, I am into sixth month of the new job. And I have more questions than answers. I had always wanted to shift to Internet-media. And my dream came true with this new job. The profile is good. The product I am responsible for is a big one -Making a famous youth newspaper into a youth-centric news/entertainment portal. A lot of ideation happened. I had so many ideas I wanted to implement. Everything was very challenging and fun. Then came the implementation. And that is when I realized the incompetencies all around. Ninety percent of the people who are supposed to work on the technology are useless. I sometimes wonder whether they are fools or the people who hired them are. Coming from a technology-rich background it gives me pain when I see people giving excuses instead of working on the problems. The office smells of politics and bitching. Sometimes I look around and wonder what am I doing here. Its like you want to run at 100kmph and your team strolls at 10kmph.
I discuss this with my friends and all of them tell me how one should extract the best out of each person even if they are not so competent. But there is nothing good that can be extracted from these morons. Instead your creativity and exuberance goes for a toss.
Even the work-culture ain't at par. The online division is part of a big media-house but it runs in a start-up mode. There are no salary-slips, half a dozen leaves throughout the year, non-existent HR etc.
This job was supposed to be my launching pad in the Internet domain. But that doesn't seem to be happening. What are my options ?
  1. Wait for a year, launch a couple of portals, build my resume, and then say ciao to this job. The problem is will I be able to jhelofy it for another six months?
  2. Start looking for a new job and hope that the new place will better than this. The catch here is that I have only six months of relevant experience. Will I again have to compromise on my compensations?
  3. Don't actively look for a job, but be open to anything that comes along.

I think my dreams to make it big in this industry will have to wait. Methinks we will go with option 3 and play the waiting game. I didn't want to bitch about work but when you want to do so much , but your efforts are minimized due to someone else's inefficiency, all you can do is crib about it.

In other news, I took the Bagheera to the hills. Went for a vacation to Fagu(near shimla) with my best friend and had a great time. The drive in the hills was amazing. And a relaxing vacation was icing on the cake.

One of my best friends from college got married. It was a tarditional Bori Muslim wedding. And I was surprised how similar their customs are to Hindu customs. Also, my friend and his family kept on explaining each and every custom and also the history of Bori Muslims. And the food in the JamaatKhaana was amazing. You have huge plate in the centre with 5-6 people sitting around it. It's called a thaal. The meal is a five course thing , alternating between mithaas(sweet) and kharaas(salty). So the meal started with rabdis and ice-cream and mithaiis. This was followed by kebabs and tandoori dishes. The third course was again sweet with kheer and stuff, followed by dabba ghost and paaya. Just when I thought I was done, the main-course was announced. Amazing experience it was. If you ever get a chance to attend a Muslim wedding and you love non-veg, grab the opportunity with both hands.