Friday, June 6, 2008

Boredom killed the bird

I have shocked myself by putting up a new post. The way I run my life, methought it would be at least couple of months more before I came up with another post. But as fate would have it, my boss took-off from office after lunch, which means I have 4-5 hours to spend and nothing much to do. So why not update the blog.

Well, readers would be thinking that I usually don't get time in office to indulge in anything other than office work. But people who know me, are very well aware that I just don't work. My firm pays me only for signing the attendance register. And if you don't believe me, you can log on to gtalk and you will be entertained all throughout the day - but of course you won't have so much of a free time.

But I believe that my monthly pay is my hard-earned money. This is because it takes a lot of effort to act that you are busy and you are working. You will say what crap, but this is how it works
  • You have to stay in office for 6-8 hours, doing nothing yet not dozing-off
  • You have to be as good with the keyboard as was Beethoven with the piano. Otherwise, you cannot simultaneously chat with 3-5 people, keep shuffling between orkut,facebook and blogs, and find yourself typing lines of code every time you see your boss passing you by.
  • You should always a have ready list of pending work, so that people don't bug you with their problems.
  • You have to entertain your team-members at lunch table or at coffee/sutta breaks so that these sessions don't end up in a jiffy and people head back to their work.
  • And your life becomes all the more difficult if you boss is a workaholic.
So yes, I do earn my money the hard way.

Now normally( or should I say once in a blue moon), when by boss leaves early, I head to Geoffrey's for a couple of bottles of beer. But my partner in crime got married a week back, and he is abstaining form such activities for the time being. So here I am updating my blog.

I suddenly realised that my life is a perfect pitch for a perfect husband of a working girl.
  • Office hours - 12 noon to 6-7 pm. Which gives him 18 hours to do the daily chores
  • Will be readily available during office hours if you feel bored and need a conversation over the phone
  • Knows how to to cook.
  • Knows how to drive so you don't need a driver to drop you to office or to take you to market
  • Has envious collection of movies and music.
  • Loves to spend.
  • Doesn't carry his work to home
  • Above all, contributes to the family earnings.
I wish I was a girl - I would have married myself ;(

I should better end the post now. I don't want it to turn into a more weirdly-unrelated-crap than it already is.

P.S. - Two hours still to go.

P.P.S - 1.5 hours.
* Boredom kills phoenix*