Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Songs about rain

I loved the rains. It was my favourite season/weather. When I was a kid, I used to sit in my balcony, and watch the rainfall for hours. I just loved the sight of rain-water flooding the garden, a heavy stream flowing through the drains, people taking shelter inside the house under construction which was right across the street, the dark clouds, the lightening, in fact I loved just everything. If I were in school, I would make sure that I go out and play in the rains and get completely drenched. Even in college, my favorite days were the first monsoon rain. It was a pretty sight.

Rain had a special place in my relationship with White. I met White for the first time , when I was in sixth grade. I was representing my school in some Maggie quiz and White was representing hers. We were travelling in the same bus to reach the venue. And it rained all the day long. The most prominent memory of our first meeting was the rains.
White joined my school in 11th grade. That was when I ended up having a crush on her. And I remember those rainy days, when we were forced to stay back in the class in those free periods, which meant a chat session with White and her friends. Or after school, when I would purposely pass by her side drenching in the rain, when she would offer me to come under her umbrella (it was stupid and kiddish yet sweet).
When she proposed to me on the phone, I remember standing in the balcony watching the drizzle outside.
And it was raining on our first date . We went for a movie on her scooty (she would say its not a scooty its Activa). By the time we reached the theatre we were both wet. And it rained the whole day, and the next few days. Every day we would get wet and would end up in Barista , shivering, with coffee.
Whenever it rained, I would call her up (even if she was hundreds of miles away) , and we would dream of the time when we could enjoy the rains together in our balcony. So many memories .....

Its raining here today. And I hate it. I feel like throwing-up every minute. Every minute brings back those beautiful memories. And I cannot call her and tell her about the rain. And I realize that we will never ever be able to share the moment together. Will this ever end? I know there will be many more rainy days in my life. I know every time it would remind me of her. And I know it will leave me nauseated.


Well this town has closed down, way too early
And there's nothing to do
So I'm driving around in circles
And I'm thinking about you
Today I heard you got a new last name
I sure didn't know it was gonna hit me this way
And the radio just keeps on playing all these
Songs About Rain...

Now there's all kinds of songs about babies
and love that goes right,
But for some unknown reason
Nobody wants to play them tonight,
Hey, I hope it's sunny wherever you are
That's sure not the picture, tonight in my car
And it sure ain't easin' my pain
All these songs like...

"Rainy Night In Georgia"
and "Kentucky Rain"
"Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again",
"Blue Eyes Cryin" in the "Early Morning Rain"
They go on and on, and there's no two the same
Oh it would be easy to blame all these
Songs About Rain

Well, I thought I was over you
But I guess maybe I'm not
'Cause when I let you go
Looks like lonely is all that I got
I guess I'll never know what could have been
it sure ain't helping this mood that I'm in
If they're gonna keep on playin these songs like...

"Rainy Night In Georgia"
and "Kentucky Rain"
"Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again",
"Blue Eyes Cryin" in the "Early Morning Rain"
They go on and on, and there's no two the same
Oh how I wish I could blame all these
Songs About Rain

All these Songs About Rain...

- Garry Allan - Songs about rain