Thursday, February 11, 2010


The reasons I have been away
  • I have been extremely busy with my work. I have been travelling to places like Kanpur and Lucknow (and yes, I didn't even get enough time to eat Tunde kawab). I am on the phone for more than 3 hours a day. Excel sheets, product specifications, hirings & meetings are the new seasons in my life. Every three days I have to go to the "recieved calls" in my cell and call up all the people who have been trying to call me (and that includes my parents). Busy, but loving every moment of it.
  • I have been busy managing my bank accounts. Every job shift means new salary account. My idea of going paperless, when it comes to paying my bills, always goes for a toss.
  • Have been busy reading reviews of cars and talking to dealers . Yes, finally finally finally, I am buying a new car. Time to bid good-bye to my Ferrari/dhanno/Punjab-di-kudi/maruti-800.
  • have been decently busy with partying on weekends. With all the work and travel, my pending social-engagement list is ever growing. Mere dimaag ke calculations kehte hain ki I need 4 clones of me to finish the current list in a month's time . Tabhi aayega dynamic equilibruium(I so loved this phrase in Chemisty :P) between the length of the list and number of weekends.

But dear readers, I have atleast churned out seven posts in one and half months on my other blog (See last post). And let's be fair. Who wouldn't want a big bumper prize for two months of regular blogging. Secondly, it's fun to give the big-shot editors a run for their money.My blog has been more popular than the top editors. Its not only about good content, but also using social-media to market it. In short, "It's not the age , but the mileage." :P. And thirdly who doesn't enjoy comments on posts. I am getting quite a few of them on that blog. So let me finish these two months of blogging on the company blog, and then me wills be the backs.