Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I am 29 going on 30 , dil kyun na dhak dhak kare

We begin the last year of our twenties and so this decade will henceforth be known as the talli twenties. Thriving thirties we will see you next year.
Details of my 29th birthday in the next post.
Happy birthday to me

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

To Selene - Part II

Dear Selene,

The time of the year has come when tumko footage dene ka time aata hai. Toh humne socha ki since I am such a gentleman, I should oblige.

The last year has been one hell of a ride.We had loads of Mahabharat between us and and we had numerous drunken revelries. But the moments I cherish are the Saturday afternoon conversations that we generally have. We have discussed people, relationships, career, life and what not. And like always tumhaare gyaan ko koi beat nahi kar sakta. And I say this because we have always been on the same plane, and hence your gyaan has always forced me to think about life in a saner way.

We did so many vacations together. But the special one is, by far, Goa. (Yes readers, I am no more a Goa-virgin, details later). And it has been the best vacation ever. Goa turned out to be just the way you had described and yes I loved every bit of it. Thank you for that. And next time as promised, we will definitely do Leh-Ladakh.

And I am really happy about your new job. I strongly believe that this is the job that will take you places. You totally deserve it. ( Dear readers , Selene is all set to become a hi-flier and is now a "BlackBerry Boy"). I now have the licence to tease you about your BB. Muwahahahaah

Now, coming to your birthday. Your gifts have been bought as requested (err I mean as commanded). And I so love your whining right now about not having a dress to wear for the party. *evil laughter* ;).

Now let's make a todo for you for the next year
- You should be more regular with your blog
- You better start thinking about your book
- start planning a vacation in Ladakh
- Be prepared for more parties at TC.

It's been an amazing experience being a part of your life. You really know how to take care of the people around you and that's the best thing about you. In other words aage bhi hum peecha nahi chhodne waale.

Happy birthday to you. I know you will have a blast this year. Waise bhi aakhri saal hai jawaani ka. Agle saal se 30 ka budhaapa hai.

The song for you this birthday is

Tum Kya Mile Jane jaan
Pyaar Zindagi Se Ho gaya
Aji Izzat Afzayee Ka Shukriyaa Shukriya
Is Nacheez Ko Aap Ne Kaabil Toh Samjha
Tum Kya Mile Jane jaan
Pyaar Zindagi Se Ho gaya

Hum Toh Yeh Samjhe The
Kahaani Khatam Huyee
Naaz Humein Tha Jispe
Jawaani Khatam Huyee
Tera Mera Yeh Saamana
Naye Ek Subhaa Ki Iktida
Tum Kya Mile Jane jaan
Pyaar Zindagi Se Ho gaya