Saturday, October 13, 2012

To Selene - Part IV

Wow, 4th birthday together :) and many more to come . 

Lot's of things happened this year and on top of the list was me moving cities.
Nothing is the same.
Watching movie is no fun, long sessions of music and beer are non-existent, Sundays are without those deep conversations over brunch. But you know what, our soul-connection only grows with each passing day.
And so, everything is the same :)

I had written in last year's post that I have a gut feeling that you will rock in your thirties, and somehow in a strange way (which only you can understand) I can already see the foundations being laid. Agar materialistic bhaasha mein bolaa jaaye toh I can see your book being published pretty soon (yes, this is the best medium for me to force the book thing on you :). After all mera marketing career is dependent on it). And obviously you will shine in your jhola-taangne waala development work ;)

I am finding my way in a new city, with a new challenge. I have been able to move forward only because you have been there with me and for me Like a Rock . Thank you for everything :)

And I have made a small travel list on my phone which I keep on updating from time to time. And all of the plans are with you. So I am sharing it with you (in the exact words as written on the phone). 

1. Portugal for the festival that happens every two years
2. Bali beach, daaru massage (yeah that's how I wrote it)
3. Metallica concert
4. Ladakh
5. Goa (every year)
6. Thailand (every other year)
7. Austria ( of course it had to be included) ;)

So keep your bags ready Motuuuuu because like I always say - life is supposed to be beautiful, so we better make it so

And like you had put in this line about soul-twins "It is impossible for twin souls to remain separated on any kind of permanent basis." we will soon rock the watering holes, have those insane debates that go all night long, have those  beedo performances, drink ourselves silly with those shots, go all-in with those cards and have those perfect brunches with those conversations. I promise :)

Have the awesomest birthday and the mostest awesomest year ahead. Let's get the shot glasses out because its your birthday its your birthday

Chhookar Mere Man Ko

Kiya Tuney Kya Ishara
Badla Yeh Mausam
Lagey Pyaara Jag Saara
Chhookar Mere Man Ko
Kiya Tuney Kya Ishara

Tu Jo Kahe Jeevan Bhar

Tere Liye Main Gaaoon 
Geet Tere Bolon Pe
Likhta Chala Jaaoon 

Mere Geeton Mein

Tujhe Dhoonde Jag Saara