Friday, February 29, 2008

Start where it ends

"I was born when you kissed me.I died when you left me. I lived a few weeks while you loved me."

This post starts with the promise that i made to you that this is the last day of my existence. If you ever come across this blog, you will will be happy to know that i did not die. But you might also realize
that the person you knew, the person whom you fell in love with , fails to exist anymore.

The me of the past ....
- believed in God.
- believed in the fact that you make your fate
- believed the world was YOU
- believed to dream

The me now...
- Is so relieved that there is no god. Its such a pleasant experience to know that there is no god.
You know that whatever you do, there's no one judging you, no one whom you are answerable to. You don't have to run to your god and plead everytime you or the people whom you love are in trouble. And for me , i don't have to fight my sleep every night so that i don't forget to pray. Thank you for taking away this burden from me.

- But yes, there's Mr. Fate. And you cannot fool him. He will be a part of your life, irrespective of how much you try to be independent. He is there to remind you " I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger" so don't you attempt to "poison and destroy my brothers".

- I still believe the world is YOU, but sweetheart i know its a lost world. It was Utopia that i dreamed of.
- You taught me to dream. You told me that it was fate that brought us together. You made me realise that - yes, dreams to come true, the one up above gives you what your heart earnestly asks for. But now i do realise that you are only allowed to dream. If you get it enjoy while it lasts. Because one fine day Mr Fate might try to find some spice in his life and might just snatch it away from you , lay back an denjoy the show. And your so called non-existent Mr.God will not come to your rescue, irrespective of how good a person you are or how much you deserve what you had or how much you plead( read pray).
Moral of the story - don't dream and give Mr Fate a chance to cook up a bollywood masala.

I always told you that you will make me a better man. I wont become one 'coz you are not there anymore to make me one, but yes your absence will make me a man who can survive happily in this hollow, insipid world.

After this one long post and the beginning of a new ME, i came to realize that if Mr Fate was a
Yash Chopra, then Mr Dream is a Bhansali.
- I will wait for YOU all my life and dream the impossible.

Till then cheers to the lovely couple of Mr whisky and Miss Benson Hedges