Monday, March 23, 2009

The Great Experiment

Well, we were having a party at my place. And we were playing song-request game. The game was that everyone takes turn to play a song which he/she hasn't heard in ages and is a favorite.
So my friend's sister wanted to play a song that she couldn't remember. All she remembered was that the song featured Smita Patil in a yellow frock along with Sanjeev Kumar and some other "side"-y hero. Everyone wracked their brains but nothing came up. Finally, yours truly picked up the laptop and this is what happened.

Aim of the Experiment              : Find the song

Information given                       : Smita Patil - yellow frock - Sanjeev Kumar

Apparatus used                           : Internet

Experiment and Observations  :

   1.   Ask google "smita patil yellow frock sanjeev kumar"
         - ABORT
  2.   Ask google "Smita patil sanjeev kumar movies"
        - ABORT
  3.   Go to IMDB - search for smita patil - go through her movies and see cast
        - Too many movies - ABORT
  4.   Ask youtube "smita patil yellow frock"
       - ABORT ( you don't want to know the kind of results that came up)
  5.   Ask youtube "smita patil sanjeev kumar"
         BINGO - "Baton mein na talo jee... dil de dalo jee"

Time taken          : time taken to cook Maggie

Inference             : And that's why I want to make a career out of internet-media


P.S. - Do you have any songs in your mind that you want to search and you have insufficient information about ? Contact The White Phoenix :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Confessions of a guilty-mind

After getting heavy traffic on my blog due to this and also this, the responsible blogizen in me has woken up and I have got a confession to make. Yes, I am looking for a girl-friend/wife. But I must tell my readers that I am already dating a girl. Her name is Alcy . She is so awesome that I cannot live without her. And I don't intend to dump her even if I find my perfect mate. She is every man's dream. And I have a duty to tell you all why she is so irresistible and awesome . Here it is.

  • You won't miss her ever because she is always
  • She really doesn't burn a hole in your
    wallet. NoBarista No gifts. Happy with masala-papad, peanut-masala and Haldiram bhujia. In short, total low-maintenance.
  • The dresses she wears will bowl you over any day. And when you are with her she prefers see-throughs. Imagine!!!!!!
  • She will never ever complain about your choice of music. In fact
    whenever you are with her, she prefers that your favourite numbers are
    being played.
  • She is there for you when you are
    happy, sad, celebrating, tired, exhausted.
  • She doesn't
    complain when you are glued on to the TV watching some sports. On the
    contrary she prefers being with you by your side and enjoying every
  • She takes care of you, makes you eat and
    drink a lot after an intense love-making session. A word of caution
    here - if you dare not to listen to her, you will definitely end up with
    a heavy head in the morning.
  • She gels-in well with
    your friends. In fact all your male friends become her fan right in the
    first meeting.
  • She is not the jealous or possessive
    kind. She is okay you if you have a fling at her sisters once in a
    while but if you two-time her with her sisters , its you who gets
  • The love is pure. She never cares about
    your bank-balance or your social status
  • If you
    she won't make you quit it.In fact she loves the smoky environment when
    you two cozy-up.
  • One of the best kissers. She
    gives you a new high every time she kisses you.

Without further ado I introduce to you to my "oh so perfect" girlfriend - the hot, the sexy, the sizzling beauty Miss Alcy , aka Miss Alcohol aka Miss booze aka apni Daaru Darling.

Alcyeeeeeeeeeeeee AAYEEEE LAV EWWWWW
*Runs towards her Hindi-movie style in slow-motion with arms-spread, gleam in the eyes, mouth open etc etc.... *