Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Journey called 2009 and a Thought called 2010

OK, before I tell you where I have been since my last post, let me tell you what just happened. I opened my blog to write about 2009 and how I see 2010 is going to shape-up. So this is what followed
  • Go to the last post of 2008. No year-ending post.
  • OK, chill. No issues.
  • Go to first post of 2009 where I must have written about 2008. No posts in January.
  • Something is wrong.
  • Go back to 2008 archive. #Fail.
  • Check 2009. First post is in February.
  • WTF #$!%&

I had written no post saying good-bye to 2008 or welcoming 2009. What the hell was I doing? Year-ending posts are the easiest ones to do and knowing the fact that I am very lazy in putting up new posts, why didn't I do a new post . Methinks, I was busy partying :P.

Anyway, so after this major disappointment with my blogging habit , the next thought came up in my mind. I made a general observation of all my posts. And there was a striking inference to be drawn. If you read my blog, you can easily judge the amount of effort going into each post : The more the bullet points in the posts, the more lazy I am writing that post, hence less the effort put-in.

And while I was thinking about my writing habit, I couldn't stop but realize that this particular post will be full of bullets. Without further ado, I shoot my bullets :

Do-hazaar-Nau ki kahani goli (bullet) ki zubaani

  • Early 2009 was full of parties. I was convincing myself that 2009 will be a great year. Things will change. They actually did.
  • I had my debut on the arranged married front. Thank god it was the last. Will come back to it later.
  • Lots of road-trips happened. Jaisalmer, Mumbai, Rishikesh (rafting), Jaipur/Ajmer, Gushaini (near Manali), Panchmarhi. Other places visited by chuk-chuk gaadi and Udan Khatolas was Mumbai, Bangalore & Kanpur.
  • Couple of best friends got married. Implication - fewer people left for drunken revelry.
  • Met Selene. Implication - Found my soul-mate literally & we are bestest of friends for life.
  • Found my love for photography.
  • Got a chance to drive a Fiat 500, and sit at the rear-wheel of a Jaguar XFR.
  • And finally, my job switch. I cribbed all through the year about how I hate my software job and how I wanted to move to Internet-media. The switch happened in November, and am having the time of my life at the new job. People do question my shift of career and my package, but I really enjoy telling them how wrong they are in questioning my actions. So don't even try.

In all, I loved 2009. The year put my life back on track on got my engine started whether it was the personal or the professional front. And now some more shooting to follow on 2010

  • Very busy professional life is expected. And I am dying to get neck-deep into work. And it will be a make or break year for my stint in Internet-media.
  • I hope I get to do some road-trips hopefully to Leh/Ladakh, Kufri/Narkanda etc.
  • Travel will definitely be on cards.
  • Marriage will be the toughest deal this year. My parents will be pushing for it big-time. And as days go by, I am getting more and more convinced that marriage might just be overrated. I have stated discussing it with friends as I am seriously thinking of giving it a pass. So lets see where I end-up on the marriage front.

How 2010 turns out is for me to see and for the year to unfold. But, since my birthday is on 20th Oct. (20/10) I have a gut feeling that this is going to the most memorable year of my life. And my gut, my dear readers, rarely disappoints me. :). So stay close to me and you will see a little extra positive energy coming into your life this year.

A very happy new year to you all. My Mantra for 2010 is "party hard, work harder". Cheers