Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It just takes a TV channel to kill the patriotism in you

First day of US open. Its a delight to read that Somedev Devvraman has qualified for the US open main draw. Also, Sania Mirza is playing. I switch on the TV (after knowing from the net that Somedev has won the first set). I see Roger Federer just finishing up his match. My thought - "It's Roger Federer, and the match should be over in 5-10 minutes. Somedev's match should be on any moment". The match ends after 15 minutes, and the next match they beam is Hanescu vs Isner and I am like WHO THE F*** ARE THEY???? I go back to my lappy to cross-check whether Somedev's match is still on. And it is ON. In a few moments, the net tells me that even Sania Mirza's match has started. I switch on my TV again (the optimism in me never dies) and I see Serena Williams playing on center-court.
It's a shame. A national TV-channel like Ten sports gives a f*** about matches concerning Indian players. Where is the censor-board?? What is the broadcasting ministry doing? I AM HURT.